Rihanna Revolutionizing The Beauty Industry One Perfume At A Time ... Period

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Sensual Fashion Boutique is loving everything Rihanna. What can you not say about Rihanna. She's the epitome of the words innovator, beautiful, intelligent, trendsetter, and boss diva. There's so much more and we can go on and on, but she is the vision women, including myself dream when we face the world to start a new job, build our own businesses or be the boss mommies we are. Rihanna's world motivates us into knowing, if she did it, we can do it too. Whatever our IT is.And now, Rihanna is the boss diva of perfumes and Sensual Fashion Boutique is delighted to have all her scents available. So, lets chat about her amazing fragrances a bit and introduce them. We're also doing a Facebook Group Live tonight 6/5/2020 at 6 PM PDT / 9 PM EDT. So be sure to join us as we show the actual bottles and what you can expect when you buy a Rihanna perfume.
Our first Rihanna fragrance is a best seller here at Sensual Fashion Boutique. It's Rihanna RogueRogue for women by Rihanna is designed for the daring woman who is in touch with her bold and flirtatious side. This fragrance, introduced in 2013, is defined by sensual notes of suede and lemon blossom for a scent that is mellow, light, and enticing. The perfume's base notes, which include amber and patchouli, are sure to linger on your skin long into the night. Rogue is Rihanna's fourth fragrance, and is meant to reflect a dynamic and authentic personal style. We have the mini travel version and the 2.5 oz. EDP.
Rogue by Rihanna


Rihanna Kiss Perfume by Rihanna, This fragrance was released in 2017. An enchanting floral perfume for women. It has expressive notes combined together to give you a magical and satisfying experience. A terrific scent for dating or for girls night out. The uplifting juicy start to the scent is joined by a sophisticated bouquet of flowers to be admired. The top notes are neroli, freesia and plum. The heart notes are orange blossom, gardenia and asian peony. The finishing notes are ambergris, vanilla, musk, cedar wood and cashmere wood.

Rihanna Kiss Perfume
Rihanna Rogue Love Perfume by Rihanna, From superstar singer Rihanna, Rihanna rogue love is a 2014 women's fragrance inspired by the fluttering heart strings of true, unyielding love. The vanilla base note in this scent stabilizes the lighter, airier caramel, coconut, peach and orchid top notes, allowing each one to tickle and delight the noses of everyone around you throughout each wear. Wear it with a flowing dress, lots of bangle bracelets and a high ponytail to command attention everywhere you go.
Rihanna Rogue Love Perfume
Rihanna Crush Perfume by Rihanna, This fragrance was created by pop diva Rihanna with perfumer natasha cote and released in 2016. It is a very sexy oriental floral perfume. An exciting blend of notes bring you this rewarding and sensual scent. Full of spirit and happiness, sure to bring a smile to your fact. The refreshing start to this fragrance has a little spice to give it a little punch. As it settles in the seductive notes come to life. A great date night choice. The top notes are bergamot, pink pepper and mandarin orange. The heart notes are ylang ylang, sour red berries and pink rose. The finishing notes are patchouli, musk and cedar wood.
Rihanna Crush Perfume
Reb'l Fleur Perfume by Rihanna, Reb'l fleur by rihaana is an intense and glamorous fragrance introduced in 2010. This perfume is a creation by caroline sabas and mary pierre julien from the house of givaudan. Women will be intrigued by the sophisticated and daring qualities of this fragrance. It expresses the wearer's true self and confidence. The top notes burst open with tuberose, violet, and hibiscus. The heart notes brim with refreshing coconut water. These notes are masterfully balanced on a smooth base. The perfume is contained within an elegantly designed bottle in the shape of a high heel. It is decorated with silk ribbons and has a golden ring stopper.
Reb'l Fleur Perfume
Ri Ri Perfume by Rihanna, This fragrance was released in 2015. A warm crisp tropical fruity floral scent. Great for a romantic date or just a walk on the beach. This breezy blend is just a joy to be around. The top notes are italian mandarin, passion fruit, black currant and rum absolute. The heart notes are orange blossom, pink freesia, jasmine and japanese honeysuckle and the bottom notes are musk, madagascan vanilla and indonesian sandalwood.
RiRi by Rihanna
Rebelle Perfume by Rihanna, Introduced in the spring of 2012. Wanting to capture her barbados roots, Rihanna's second fragrance really steals the warmth of the caribbean sun. Sweet, but not too girly, the top notes include strawberries, ripe plums and ginger. In the heart lies the heat of the scent with notes of coca absolute, vanilla orchid and heliotrope. Rich patchouli, coffee beans and musk creates the alluring base.
Rebelle Perfume by Rihanna
And we could go on and on, but we can't. So, here's a few other fragrances by Rihanna you can find at Sensual Fashion Boutique:
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